Sunday, July 20, 2008

Charmi Lip Lock Kiss budget hotels in chennai

Charmi, the hot girl in Telugu, is once again trying her luck in Tamil cinema through Laadam. Directed by Prabu Solomon, the film is a fast phase thriller without any conventional love sentiments.

When the entire unit of Laadam met the media at Green Park yesterday, the director says that the movie is an unusual script. The story is a compilation of events happened in 16 Days. "The story is very simple. A girl and a boy who are good friends and how they help each other in certain tough situations in their life is the base for the script. But the screen presentation will surely entertain the viewers a lot," says the director.

Charmi, who started her career with Simbu in a Tamil film Kadhal Azhivathillai, plays the role of Angel, a very positive and comical character and hopes a lot for her re entry in to Tamil films again. The director Prabu praised Charmi saying that she was very co-operative.

Aravindan is the new hero whose tagline in the film's promos reads, 'they called him cockroach (Karappanpoochi)'. In this film, there is also a lip lock with 'Karappanpoochi', which was shot in one take but 'from seven angles' as quoted by Charmi.

Dharan has done the music and one of the songs is written by journalist (Dinakaran) Eknath.
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